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How to market your website.


You have put together the perfect web site. You have a well designed layout, engaging content, and useful information. So how do you make sure you reach your intended audience? Here are a few pointers to get you started.

1. Make sure that your site has appropriate titles, key words, and descriptions built in to it

2. Submit your site to the top 15 or more search engines.

3. Resubmit your site every month.

4. Add your URL to your business card, as a signature file to your emails, and in your advertisements, and other business literature.

5. Join a webring of similar sites.

6. Join bulletin board communities of topics complementary to your site subject matter, and include your URL as part of your postings.

7. Keep your readers coming back with an email newsletter /notification announcing updates to your site.

8. List your site with local online business directories, professional organizations, and online yellowpage directories.

9. Join banner ad/ link exchange communities.

10. Ask your friends and associates with web pages to link to your web page (and do the same for them).

11. You can also buy advertising on other websites. Make sure that the sites you purchase advertising on have the correct target audience, otherwise you are wasting your money.

12. Change your content on a regular basis, so you keep your readership.


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